In the following articles in our blog will find detailed description of sexual practices awaits you without any censorship. And also an uncovered description of the functioning of the erotic industry in England. All these using vulgarities and explicit expressions that you might find offensive. If you don’t have the stomach for it, just move this website to someone rougher.

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What Tom preferred not to see – last part
November 5, 20202007 min read

I was pleasantly wet, because I was excited about this whole situation and the game with our third partner, as well as Tom’s irritation with his fingers, which he mastered well although I don’t like to use this word in connection with sex. I moaned out loud and, rhythmically moving…

What the partner allowed… ( part 3 )
November 4, 20201064 min read

I saw that he was (again) extremely excited. It was starting to affect me too. My lover stayed behind my back, stroking me somewhere, attacking mainly my womb. He probably attributed my excitement to his work, but I was more affected by my play with that enthusiastic young body at…

What the partner allowed and what he preferred not to see ( part 2 )
November 4, 20201234 min read

From the excitement, I pressed against the cock, which I was still gripping in my palm, my massage intensified – and two things happened at once. My fingers suddenly got significantly deeper into me, perhaps because the boy slid a little lower in the seat. And his bird in my…

What the partner allowed and what he preferred not to see
October 15, 20201467 min read

I was young and conceived when I went “living” weekend after weekend, and although I never particularly drank alcohol, I liked to bother my heads at discos, and I also really enjoyed myself. To write that I put down a new “guy” every weekend would be exaggerated, though not too…

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When a woman says “no” to her guy, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.
For an ordinary man, it only means that it is not possible with her…
In other words, it’s a challenge for him to ask from another.